The BMW M cars they look like angry versions of the car our dad used to drive and they go like sting. In 2018 two new M’s are on the way the M4 GTS and the one we are talking about the all new 2018 BMW M2. This is the fastest t series money can buy and it looks like an angry two series which is good because it’s so to what it is. Now the previous quickest two you can buy the M 235i was absolutely brilliant but the M2 promises to be more, here’s whats new.


The major thing is that this is an aggressive looking car, it have big arches while on the front end are located the huge air dams and other aggressive inspired details all over the car. It will come in four colors: blue, black, white and grey and the only interior trim is black. It sits on a only available nineteen alloy wheels. At the back the dominant detail is a standard on all trims four pipe exhaust system with awesome sound.

BMW M2 Interior

The interior of the new BMW M2 for 2018 model year got some new features. It is now as we said before available just with black M Dakota leather. Also to show the exceptional performance of this car the seats got M logos stitched into the back of the seats. The new large touchscreen equipped with new infotainment that has Bluetooth connectivity and the BMW’s pro navigation. The steering wheel is also wrapped in black leather with nice two color stitching.


The new 2018 BMW M2 will be equipped with a BMW’s 3.0-liter straight 6-cylinder turbocharged drive-train under the bonnet. That same engine is in the M235i but this one is upgraded for the M2 coupe. This 6-cylinder is able to produce 364-bhp and 465-Nm of torque. This engine is available with a manual gearbox or with a dual clutch automatic but the important thing here is that you can have it with a stick shift and third pedal. The guys from BMW are claiming that the fuel consumption is 35.8 mpg while the emission is 185g/km of CO2. Acceleration from 0-62 mph is done in 4.5 seconds while the top speed is 155 mph which is electronically limited.

2018 BMW M2 Price

The expected price of the new BMW M2 when it hit the showrooms is $44,070 with manual trans. While with the M DCT transmission it will cost $46,575. The 2017 model was presented for the US market at 2018 Detroit Auto Show.