If you are thinking about buying a modestly priced luxury vehicle, you should wait for a while because Audi is getting ready to launch the 2018 Audi A4. The vehicle will arrive on the market redesigned, but there won’t be great surprises for sure. We know the way Audi revises its vehicles, at least when it comes to the exterior design, so we don’t expect drastic changes. The vehicle will arrive with better engines that ensure better performance and efficiency, it will grow in size, and it will be lighter. The company claims that this is a recipe for success and that the vehicle will be able to win Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series thanks to those improvements.


As you can assume, the overall appearance of the vehicle won’t be changed so the new 2018 Audi A4 will be easily recognizable in the crowd. However, the recognizable design will be refined with sharper lines that hint strongly at the Q7 and R8. The greatest change when it comes to the 2018 model is the fact that the 2018 A4 is for about 264 pounds lighter than the vehicle it replaces. This model is considered to be the most aerodynamic vehicle in its segment and its drag coefficient is just 0.23. The front fascia of the car is decorated with newly designed grille and new headlights that now appear to be extended less toward the fenders. The hood of the vehicle has also been slightly reshaped. The rear of the car sports new bumper and slimmer taillights that ensure bolder appearance. The side profile of the car will basically remain the same, although there were some refreshments of the quarter-windows and side skirts. The upcoming model is 1 inch longer and 0.55 inch wider than the outgoing model.


Compared to the exterior design, the interior of the 2018 Audi A4 has been significantly improved. The center stack and the dash now look fresh. The cabin is equipped with an 8.3 inch color display that found its spot on the top of the dashboard. The infotainment controls are now placed closer to the center console. Some of the features for the 2018 model include LED lightning, automatic climate control, WiFi, navigation, etc.


The 2018 Audi A4 will be offered with several engine options, three gasoline and four diesel engines precisely. Details about the engine still seem to be scant. There are some rumors there will be a 2.0-liter TFSI that generates up to 188 hp whose fuel economy is rated at 49 mpg. The smaller one will probably be a 1.4 TFSI with fuel economy rated at 48 mpg. The third available engine will be a 2.0 TDI with fuel economy rated at 63.6 mpg. For the European market, there will probably be a 2.0-liter four-banger that produces 148 hp and a 3.0-liter V-6 generating 184 hp. There are no details about the engines for the U.S market but we assume that there will be a 2.0 TDI and 2.0 TFSI.

2018 Audi A4 Price

BASE MSRP $35,900