The last time the Toyota Hilux underwent any noteworthy changes was in 2005; since then, newer versions of the truck have emerged on the market regularly, each doing little if anything to deliver changes of any notable kind to fans of Toyota.

It is for this reason that fans cheered at the news that the latest Hilux truck would in fact undergo some significant changes, related not only to the exterior but to the interior and even slight alterations to the engine.

2017 Toyota HiLux

2017 Toyota HiLux


The primary alterations of the 2017 Toyota Hilux will manifest most prominently at the front, with the lights and the grille having been redesigned. Drivers can also expect to encounter an improved suspension (to reduce sound and vibrations), complimented by shock absorbers designed to deliver a better performance than the vehicle’s predecessors.

With a cargo area capable of storing up to three tones, the new Toyota Hilux is the perfect truck of choice for individuals with larger loads, possibly even construction companies.

2017 Toyota HiLux

2017 Toyota HiLux


The interior of the 2017 Toyota HiLux is a sophisticated black color. Fans of the Hilux vehicles can expect to encounter features like an advanced climate control system (one of several elements added to improve driver and passenger comfort) and seats cushioned with soft yet stylish leather.

The touch screen system on offer is designed to simplify a driver’s ability to access the vehicle’s many features and infotainment systems. With avant-garde entertainment mechanisms, the vehicle is capable of towing in excess of 6500 pounds.


The 2017 Toyota Hilux is home to a 3.0L diesel engine capable of generating 171horsepower and a torque of 360Nm. The vehicle also avails the option of four-wheel drive and a five-speed automated transmission, this further improving upon the functionality of the shock absorbers and the suspension.

Toyota has also taken steps to jump aboard the bandwagon of the green movement by optimizing the operations of the new Toyota Hilux with the aim of keeping the carbon dioxide emissions low.

2017 Toyota HiLux

2017 Toyota HiLux

The 2017 Toyota Hilux is expected to deliver a number of improvements; not only is the cargo space increased but the towing capacity is significantly greater. And that isn’t even taking into account the performance of the vehicle’s engine, the 2017 Toyota Hilux showing an enhanced ability to contend with all manner of landscapes and weather, from rain to snow, the hot sun, and icy conditions.

The combination of power and towing capacity makes the new Hilux a first class vehicle.

2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

The new Toyota Hilux hits the market in early 2017 and at a price ranging from $27,000 to $54,000, possibly even higher depending on the trim.