The current Toyota Auris has been unveiled just a couple years ago and now the Japanese manufacturer is already planning to unveil the next version in the coming weeks. Of course, the new 2017 Toyota Auris is a mid-cycle update and there surely won’t be any big changes. However, we can expect that the new Auris has slightly redesigned exterior and interior, with some small changes in the available features and equipment. The official images of the 2015 Toyota Auris show that it is not going to get a completely new style, like the Avensis and Yaris got, instead, it is going to look a lot like its predecessor.


2017 Toyota Auris
First thing you will notice when you compare the new 2017 Toyota Auris with its predecessor is that the new model looks a lot bigger. According to the official specifications given by manufacturer, the new model is bigger by 3cm, however, the biggest benefit is the increase in the legroom in the back of the car. The new Auris looks bigger because of the different, more aggressive styling. The front of the car has a reshaped lower bumper, new grille and completely redesigned headlights (which now have integrated LED daytime running lights). The back of the car now has bigger and bulkier rear bumper, new taillights with LED elements and a big chrome strip integrated in the back bumper. The new 2015 Toyota Auris will be offered with new alloy wheels and more color options than its predecessor.


2017 Toyota Auris  interior

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Auris received only smaller, but significant changes. The biggest change is the dashboard, which has the same size and dimensions, while all the elements have been redesigned. The Japanese manufacturer wanted to make the dashboard more interesting and functional, because the one that was in the previous model didn’t get positive reviews. Now, in the 2015 Toyota Auris, the dashboard has less buttons and it is more oriented toward the driver. The analog dials are the same, but have been redesigned and there is still a display, used for displaying important information in between the dials. The new Auris will come with two different displays – one is going to be smaller and it will be available in the base version and cheaper trim levels, while the second and bigger – 4.2-inch touch screen display will be available in hybrid version and more expensive trim levels.


The new 2017 Toyota Auris will be offered with two different engines. First is the 1.2l petrol engine which produces 114 horsepower and goes from 0-60 in about 10 seconds (the Japanese manufacturer claims that it has similar performance like the 1.6l engine that it replaced). The second engine is the 1.6l D-4D diesel engine that produces 110 horsepower and goes from 0-60 in around 10 seconds, just like the petrol engine.

2017 Toyota Auris front


The base version of the 2017 Toyota Auris will cost around $22,000 in USA, in Europe and UK it cost around 13,950 British pound or in Ireland around 20,750 euro.