The Model X has been first announced back in 2012 as a crossover version of the Model S and since then Tesla showed us a few more versions of the car with the last one also being the final model which is said to go into production by the end of 2016. When you see this Luxury SUV that is all electric and has outstending performance, you just have to ask your self, well what is the price for this class SUV, and you have to admit that the price is little intimidating.


The X is based on the same chassis as the S but it comes with a completely new body and a bolder design which is certainly going to make a lot of people happy. On top of that, it comes with more room inside the cabin as well as more luggage space and as far as we know, more useful features.

The most important of them all is going to be the ground clearance of the Model X which is said to be around 40% higher than that of the Model S. This should allow it to go on unpaved roads and it should make it much more usable, especially in areas where perfect roads are unavailable. The design will be similar to that of a crossover. The front end will get the same grille as that of the Model S but the headlights as well as the bumpers will be all new. The wheel designs will also be unique to the X and at the back the car will feature a tailgate rather than a hatch-door. However, the tail lights will be similar to the Model S and the roof will have a coupe-inspired arch to it so the car will not be as dull as many people thought.

The most impressive feature about this car though is going to be its rear doors which will open vertically, just like gull-wing doors, so it will certainly impress anyone. But, honestly, this, falcon doors for our opinion look terrible.


The 2017 Tesla Model X interior on the other hand will be similar to that of the Model S. The dashboard is going to be mostly identical featuring the same center mounted screen and instrument cluster. The difference will come in the seating position which on the Model X is going to be higher. On top of that, it will feature seven full size seats and it will not get the unusual seating arrangement of the Model S. This should make it better suited for people with larger families.

Engine of 2017 Tesla Model X

Engine wise, the 2017 Tesla Model X should pretty much carry over the same engine options found on the Model S with a few omissions. Firstly, it will likely be available with two battery choices, a 70 kWh model and the larger 85 kWh one. On top of that, it will likely come with rear wheel drive only on the base model which will feature a 315 horsepower electric motors. All the others will be all wheel drive and thanks to the higher ground clearance, it should be quite capable on unpaved roads as well. The top of the range model is likely going to be identical or very similar to the 85D, meaning it will likely feature the same 422 horsepower electric motors which should be enough to get the full size crossover from 0 to 60 MPH in around 6 seconds and up to a maximum top speed of 130 MPH, all while having a full electric range of more than 250 miles.

2017 Tesla Model X Price

Well, price as we said before is little intimidating, and when you know that the base price is six figures, than you have to think how deep is you pocket.