Even some knowers said that only young hipsters will buy the new 2017 Subaru Legacy, from the manufacturer can be heard that’s only a matter of time when everybody will ask for it. With it a full redesign, impressive active-safety features and engine performances, it’s not away from the truth. After you hear what it offers, you’ll think about buying it.


The knowers compare the 2017 Subaru Legacy with the Volkswagen Passat, Chrysler 200, and even Chevrolet Malibu in term of design and outside looking. Maybe because of it proportions or a bit more blunt-nosed, it’s hard to say that this car looks like those cars that much. It’s surely more aerodynamic, rakish and more handsome and functional than those. It’s good to say that the Subaru used nicer materials and trims than before and that together with all nice details it will be a car for showing off on the street. In front of it are six-sided grille and blunter look, while taller grille gives the look of the Outback. Maybe is look not much elegant when you look from the side of the car, and the rear end is a little bit badged and big. Aside the modern design, there is a chrome and wood grain as the materials used in there, with sheet metal which is standard.


The inside space is wider and spacious, maybe even more than on the similar models. Leg room is larger for several inches than on the last model and it can sit three adult people on back seat without any problems. The special story is a technical part. You may be gladden with 60/40-split folding rear seatbacks, a Harman/Kardon audio system and heated rear seats, a 7.0-inch touch screen for the infotainment system, keyless start, a navigation system, and a moonroof, set favorites across any media, from Bluetooth streaming to AM to XM favorites, a couple of suites of services ranging from emergency and roadside assistance to things like vehicle locating and remote locking/unlocking. The whole cabin gives the feeling of luxury but not predominant elegance.


Instead of the former turbocharged four-cylinder engine its four-cylinder 2.5-liter and six-cylinder 3.6-liter instead of it with 175 horsepower or 256 horsepower on a higher version. Fuel economy is 30 mpg, speed of 60 reaches for 8.9 seconds. The safety is provided by standard safety package.

2017 Subaru Legacy Price

Be prepared for the price of $24,000 for the basic model.