Looking for a luxurious sports car? 2017 Pontiac Trans Am may be the right choice. You can now order it custom made just for you, and you can choose few engine, and design options.

2017 Pontiac Trans Am Price

The Price of new custom made 2017 Pontiac Trans Am will depend on what you order. So if you order some base model, it will cost you around $25K plus, Camaro donor. But if you order, 2017 Pontaic Trans am SE Bandit Edition, well it will cost you around $115,000, and do not forget Chevy donor costs.


2017 Pontiac Trans Am side

2017 Pontiac Trans Am side

The exterior design of this sports car would be extremely luxurious and modern. Namely, the car would be made with two doors, and there would also be a door for the trunk area. In addition to this, the most interesting thing for a lot of people would be the fact that the car would have a moveable roof, a great thing for nice weather and great countryside,In addition to this, the manufacturer would also use the newest LED technology for headlights and taillights.


2017 Pontiac Trans Am interior

2017 Pontiac Trans Am interior

The manufacturer would surely do everything he can in order to make 2017 Pontiac Trans Am as a very modern car. This is t5he reason why he would use leather and wood for seats and upholstery; there would be two rows of seats and the capacity for five passengers. In addition to this, the car would be equipped with a lot of modern technologies, such as USB and Bluetooth ports.

2017 Pontiac Trans Am

Engine and Transmission

There have been much speculation regarding the potential engine options for 2017 Pontiac Trans Am. One thing is sure, all engine options that the manufacturer is going to offer would need to be powerful and strong enough to keep this car going, and to satisfy the needs of customers. It is believed that the first engine option that the manufacturer would offer would be a 3.7 liter engine. It is predicted that this engine option would be able to produce 310 horsepower and that it would be a V6 engine. Furthermore, there would be also the second engine option and it is believed to be a 5.0, and it is also believed that this would be a V8 engine with the capacity of 425 horsepower. Finally, there have been a rumour that the manufacturer would also offer the third engine option in terms of a 6.2 liter V8 engine. The predicted output of this engine is believed to be 565 horsepower and the usage of 551 lb-ft of torque. Regarding the driving system of this sports car, it is believed that the manufacturer would use the front-wheel driving system for the base version, while the four-wheel driving system would be also offered.
Great equipment package, great engine performances and affordable price would absolutely make 2017 Pontiac Trans Am very interesting on the world market.

Release Date

The new 2017 Ponatiac Trans Am release date depends on, when you order, and how quick you can pay for your custom order. Pontiac is dead and this custom made cars are being made by Trans am depot, so if you wanna order your new Trans am here is where you can order: http://transamdepot.com/bandit/