Known as a car for popular actor Matthew McConaughey, Lincoln has awaited his successor in brand new 2017 Lincoln MKX. Thanks to new and natural materials like fiberglass insulation, bubble wrap and cotton balls, it will be the loved car for most people who care for the environment and with acoustically laminated glass, active noise cancellation and lined fender wells, this car is like the new star in the town.


2017 Lincoln MKX

2017 Lincoln MKX

Some things in new 2017 Lincoln MKX are not quite new. That especially refers to long-winded look and pleasant and controlled driving experience when you are in the cabin either as a driver or passenger. The body follows the road, providing gently gliding on the road, and there is some kind of cracked body on the half with new suspension and front end look. Some knowers find that car looks like Lexus or even BMW but with more smooth and softness.


2017 Lincoln MKX interior

2017 Lincoln MKX interior

The inside of the 2017 Lincoln MKX is a real pleasure. There is a 22-way massaging front seat while other seats have a shape adapted to your body. If that’s not enough pleasure for you, what you think about soft carpets on the floor and rounded shape of the whole cabin with only a few rough edges on it? Other materials used in this car are hard plastic and carbon fiber, on great designed dashboard. Speaking about the commodity, don’t worry about the passengers on the back; they will have a lot of space for knees and legs. Finally, the enjoyment fill-up the modern and futuristic infotainment system, together with high-tech toys which don’t have any other purpose except to provide fun and luxury during the driving, like 19-speaker audio system or Sync3 system and 8-inch screen for My Lincoln Touch with whole buttons you may need in the perfect layout.


The planned engine in 2017 Lincoln MKX is 3.7-liter V6 in the basic model which can be upgraded in EcoBoost or twin-turbocharged engine. Standard model provides 335 horsepower of strength and 380 pound-feet of torque. The speed of 60 mph increase for 6 seconds but stronger engines can do it for only 5 seconds. Fuel economy is around 20 mpg. Aside the mentioned smooth and quietness in the driving, the car gives the feeling of speed without much suffers for the engine. Thanks to six-speed transmission you’ll have a feeling of power on the highway and gentling in the city driving.

2017 Lincoln MKX side

2017 Lincoln MKX Price

Starting price is around $63,000 but it goes up with higher trim levels to even $75,000.