The new 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 was presented on Paris motor show, and his release date is going to be somewhere spring 2017, and price is going to be around $56,333 or £43,495. There are few changes, and there is new look for fifth-gen seven-seat Land Rover Discovery.

Cars are not just a luxury accessory but also the biggest accessory that brings comfort and convenience in your life. The Land Rover’s Discovery 5 is all set to be up for sale in 2017. It is already being considered to be a pioneer in the technological field. The Discovery % is all set to introduce new attractive design and make over to the hard rugged outlook of the old Land Rover’s sturdier models. 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 is about 181 inches long but a sleeker front and a highly glossed over outlook takes it into competition with Audi Q5, BMW X3 and other top notch versions of the family cars.


The laser scanning technology introduced in the new Discovery is capable of manning the terrain ahead and adjusting to the coming obstacles and paths. The much sophisticated nose-down style will be an added attraction to all the females who were put off by the previous versions of Discovery that featured large and bulky exterior. The windows in the newer version are smaller and more appealing than ones in the previous one. All in all the exterior has been modeled to get it easily fit in the urban environment. Contrary to the previous versions of Discovery that were considered more appropriate for ruler and rough terrains, this one is more adaptable to the city ambience albeit containing the same seven seats. The laser projectors help the drivers immensely in traversing through heavy traffic in large rush urban areas. The beams also give an accurate estimation of the car’s width for right steering in confusing spots.



The new 2.0 litre Ingenium engine is installed inside the 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 is well enough for rural and urban settings. The electric range is purported to be more than ten miles. The Autonomous Emergency Braking System uses state-of-the-art technology to help detect objects and reduce impact of a collision completely or partially.


In contrast to somewhat plain unassuming exterior, the interior of 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 is much refreshing and elegant. There are many soft touches at the right places. The front seats are unarguably very comfortable and easier to settle in. The second row seats are all well-placed and can get reclined to a somewhat plain angle. There is plenty of space available for loading cargo and groceries. The third row seats are also comfortable ones and all seats come with usb charging ports. There are face level vents in front of all three rows of seats. Overall the interior has been greatly altered to offer more comfort and ease to the passengers.

2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 Price

2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 comes in three different varieties: SE, HSE Lux and HSE. The prices start at $56,333 and marches up to 40 for the more fully equipped versions. The hybrid versions will appear after the sale of the first basic models.