The Honda S660 is, without any doubt, the most ubiquitous, trendy, and top of the class two-seat sports car. This car is set to hit the roads sometimes in 2017. Its unveiling will bring a tough competition to its rivals in the sports car category. This is Honda’s new kid on the block. The car manufacturer is busy developing what will become a ride of the year Join us as we discuss 2017 Honda S660 interior and exterior features, price, release date, engine, and performance.

Exterior features

The 2017 Honda S660 borrows a lot of concepts from S2000. Its exterior features will be based on the NSX professionals system. According to reliable information from the manufacturer, this car is set to assume a V-shaped grill on the front side with thin lights on its base. It is set to use the LED technology. The company’s logo will be placed on the grill and another one between its front lighting. Its sides will have wider arches. This will offer it an excellent stance. It will also have 18inch tires. It will have an elegant back side with slight changes on its rear lights.

Interior features

The interior features of this trendy make will be identical to that of the Japanese model. The car is set to have two seats only All other controls will face the driver. Its dashboard is set to be spruced up and its seats well fitted and finished. It will have technological features such as labeled song method, satellite navigation, serial bus ports, Bluetooth hookup, parking assistance, top class lights technology, seat straps, and luxury cruise type of management.


We have not received realistic into that talks about S660’s engine. However, we can predict this by looking at the current S660 that uses 660cc 3 quality turbocharged cylinders. The European and the US models will be designed with Honda’s 1.0 L3 top class engine.


According to speculations from motor sites, the car may give an output ranging from 123 to 138 HP. Though this may sound under-powered, the cars’ weights will excellently manage this displacement. It will also perform excellently in the highways and also in the city. It will have wonderful maneuverability on rough roads and still retain cool power all the time.

2017 Honda S660 Price

The giant manufacturer has not leaked any details about the piece of the ride. However, we have a reliable price range that might fit the category of this car. It may range from $19,000 to $22,000.

Release date of Honda S660

Car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the release of this 2017 Honda S660. There is a slight possibility that it will be unveiled in January 2017. Experts, however, believe that its release may take a little longer as the manufacturer’s take enough time to come with a complete ride.