The S2000 has become one of Honda’s most successful models and the main reason why the vehicle was so desirable among customers is because it was powered by an outstandingly powerful VTec engine. Another good reason for the popularity of the vehicle also was its amazing exterior and its approach to freedom. The company will offer us a lot of novelties when it comes to the upcoming S2000 and the most important one is that the vehicle will now be powered by environmentally friendly powertrain which will also be very powerful. This small vehicle with stylish look will arrive on the market completely revamped and improved and the customers will like it even more without a doubt. Let’s check what Honda prepared for us when it comes to the 2017 S2000.

Engine and performance

If the rumors are true, the 2017 Honda S2000 will be offered with two engine options under its bonnet. The base car model will be powered by a 1.5-liter four cylinder engine with the maximum output of 160 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. This output seems to be much lower than the output of the previous generation, but what’s done it’s done. There are also some rumors that the company will introduce a hybrid engine option, but unfortunately they still keep details under wraps. Some trusted sites claim that the combination of an engine and electric motor could deliver up to 210 hp. Since the company hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it would be better to wait for the first-hand information. The engines will probably be coupled to a 6-speed continuously variable transmission which is an excellent option, at least when it comes to fuel consumption that is estimated to be 45 to 50 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg in the city. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it appears that new S2000 will be front wheel drive, although there is a great possibility that AWD will be available for the hybrid variant.


2017 Honda S2000 back

We have already said that the vehicle will be unrecognizable in terms of exterior. The vehicle will be a cabriolet version of the CR-Z. It is made out lightweight materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum so it is quite obvious that the company wanted to reduce the overall weight of the car and improve its performance with the weight reduction. The exterior design of the newcomer can be characterized as futuristic and aggressive. The front fascia of the car will look powerful thanks to the newly designed grille, new sharp-looking LED headlights and daytime running lights. The back of the car will also look extremely powerful.


2017 Honda S2000 interior

The interior of the new 2017 Honda S2000 will be luxurious, futuristic and generally mighty. Honda’s designers used high-quality materials such as leather and top-notch cloth to cover surfaces inside of the cabin. There are also excellent features such as satellite navigation, dual-zone climate control, and high-quality sound system. Seats will be comfortable, supportive and excellently designed.
2017 Honda S2000 review

2017 Honda S2000 Price

The 2017 Honda S2000 will be priced at $38,000, the base model of course. If you decide for more equipped models, you will have to pay even more.