Ford is preparing to release the 2017 Ford Thunderbird. According to reliable sources, the model will have an extremely attractive outward appearance, enhanced performance and great efficiency and stability.

Exterior design

The 2017 version will blend modern capabilities with vintage elegance, with a general structure borrowed from the Volvo-Taurus model.

Ford will abandon the two-seater Thunderbird design that was popular between the years 2000-2004. Instead, the company will embrace the 2-door coupe design that was extremely popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Externally, the vehicle will have a wider wheel base, a reduced front overhang, extended front tires, an expanded C column and a prominent front grille.

Thunderbird’s attractive logo will be prominently displayed at the front.

The vehicle will be constructed using aluminum, which will translate to light weight, increased fuel economy and higher power output.

It will also feature re-designed and improved front bumper, tail lights, front lights, rear bumper, radiator grille, rear-view mirror, roof carrier, electronic stability program, hill-start assist system and descent control system.

The model will also be fitted with a fixed tow-bar and OPC styling pack.

Interior design


The 2017 Ford Thunderbird will consist of a more spacious interior (translating to more leg and head room), comfortable leather seats and an attractive interior surface made of wood, fiber, leather and aluminum.

Reliable sources indicate that the interior will also be designed with; advanced infotainment system, NAvi 950 navigation system, automatic climate control, winter pack, heated front seats and CD 600 interlink system.

Engine and Performance

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird machine will be fitted with a powerful AJ 35 4.0L/ 4000cc V8 engine with a capacity of generating 252HP (188kW) and an impressive 267 pound-feet (362Nm) of torque. The engine will be complemented with a 5-speed 5R55N automatic transmission gear box. ETC and VVT systems will be incorporated to facilitate throttle control and valve timing.

The engine will be extremely powerful, efficient and responsive.

Changes of 2017 Ford Thunderbird

Unlike previous models, the new version will be constructed based on the Lincoln LS, T-bird and Jaguar S platforms, and will therefore feature a power unit support system.

The previous models of Ford were fitted with conventional 5-speed automatic transmission gearboxes and multiport hypodermic systems. However, the 2017 model will boast of an advanced 5-speed 5R55N automatic transmission gear box. It will also boast of considerable changes in the alignment of wheels, wheel base (which will be wider) and hood that will effectively make the vehicle more efficient and stable.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Release date & price

According to officials of the company, the 2017 Ford Thunderbird will be released towards the end of 2017. The expected retail price is between US $30,00050,000, depending on the additional features and specifications.