Who says that Ford’s full-size pickup truck does not feature a diesel powertrain? Well, maybe F-150 only offers petrol burners, but F-250 heavy duty truck does come with an oil burner, together with similarly large petrol unit. By the time 2017 Ford F-250 hits the roads, it will be redesigned as well and should offer the same or similar chassis as its smaller siblings.


Base engine is still 6.2L V-8 naturally aspirated petrol one which is capable of delivering 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Optional 6.7L turbo diesel V-8 mill can generate up to 440 hp and immense 860 lb-ft of torque. Both of them are tied to 6-speed automatic transmission, but future might bring some changes in this department as 8-speed automatic gearbox looks more certain by every passing day. It comes without saying, though, that you can get yourself F-250 in both rear and all-wheel drive configurations.


2017 Ford F-250
2017 Ford F-250 will be more upscale in terms of exterior design. It will be redesigned in the manner which resembles F-150. Thus, heavy duty unit will get a new frontal fascia with larger grille, new bumper, and most importantly, dual headlamps which are slowly becoming Ford F series’ trademark. Apart from that, F-250 is going to feature a lot of chrome all over its body, from mentioned grille and bumper, over side plates, to rear end decals.


2017 Ford F-250 interior

2017 Ford F-250 super duty pickup can really be a feast to the eyes in terms of interior luxury. One might not think about it like that since it’s basically a workhorse, but choose King Ranch or Platinum grade, and you’ll see and feel unique leather upholstery and wood-trimmed cabin. Add to that heated and cooled front seats, 8-inch touch screen display with navigation 9-speaker Sony premium sound system, and you’ll see why this truck is so good. Entry-level models might not be as refined as these two, but they still get quality materials which are built to endure the harshest of environments. In addition, sturdy angular dash looks quite rugged by itself, and so does wide middle tunnel with large armrest for both driver and front passenger. In terms of safety, upcoming F-250 super duty truck is supposed to deliver a rearview camera, reverse sensing system and, otherwise, standard batch of mandatory features.

2017 Ford F-250 review

2017 Ford F-250 Release Date And Price

Both petrol and oil burner V-8 mills are rated quite low in terms of fuel efficiency, but then again, where did you see an efficient heavy duty truck anyway? They can tow, however, and they can tow good. Biggest numbers come from regular cab, rear-wheel drive models with turbo diesel unit and stand at 16,600 pounds. Base models will mostly continue with their $32,500 price tag, while top King Ranch and Platinum grades cost $52,500 and $56,500 respectively.
2017 Ford F-250 is about to adopt its smaller sibling’s new design, but otherwise shouldn’t change that much in terms of available specs. It will still offer couple of humongous engines, low fuel economy ratings and high towing figures. However, with all that chrome to go around on top tiers, one can hardly pass up the chance to take a long look towards its direction.

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