2017 Ferrari California T would continue the tradition of the manufacturer to produce powerful, elegant yet very expensive cars. Here are information about engine, price, performance and more about new Ferrari Californi T.


When we are talking about the exterior of 2017 Ferrari California T, we should first gave exterior dimensions. So, the car would be 1779.9 inches long, 75.2 inches wide, 52.0 inches high and its wheelbase would be 105.1 inches. The manufacturer would also use the wheels of 19 inches, while there would also be the option of having the wheels of 20 inches. The exterior design would also be equipped with LED headlights and taillights. Furthermore, there would be two doors, and the roof would be moveable.


The interior design would be made from leather and wood materials. In addition to this, the manufacturer would also add a lot of high-tech gadgets and safety options, such as airbags. The car itself would be also equipped with satellite navigation and Bluetooth and USB ports.

Engine and Transmission

When we are talking about the engine choice of 2017 Ferrari California T, we should say that the manufacturer opted for a V8 engine which would have the direct fuel injection. Furthermore, the engine would be capable of producing 412 kW of power @ 7500 rpm and of using 755 Nm of torque @ 4750 in the seventh gear. This engine type would be paired with the automated manual transmission which would have seven speeds and dual clutch. The fuel consumption of this car is also very satisfactory and it would be 16 mpg in city and 23 mpg on highway. The capacity of the fuel tank would be 20.6 gallons. Since the tradition of the manufacturer provides that Ferrari California T is the car of speed, then we can only describe the acceleration rate of this car. Namely, the maximum speed of this car is 196 miles per hour, while only 3.6 seconds would be enough for reaching 62 mph, and only 11.2 seconds would be reaching 124 mph. in addition to all this, the manufacturer would also enable the carbon-ceramic braking system. Regarding the suspension, the front would be the double wishbone and the rear would be the multilink.

2017 Ferrari California T Release date

The first public appearance of 2017 California T, and this its debut, took place during the first half of 2017. After this the manufacturer announced the sales of this model, and the sales commenced during the middle of 2017.

Price of 2017 Ferrari California T

The mere fact that 2017 Ferrari California T has been presented and is available in dealerships gives us the right to conclude that the price for this model would be $202,723, which would be quite more than the vast majority of potential customers could pay. Also, there would be the limited number of vehicles of this type that would be produced.