If you have been waiting for us to confirm the most anticipated arrival of the next-generation Mazda RX-9, we can say that we are probably getting closer and closer to this model every day. Besides its changes and updates in terms of design, the fans of these high-performance models are looking forward to its most controversial feature – the rotary engine.
2019 Mazda RX-9


When it comes to exterior design of the 2019 Mazda RX-9, the true fans have probably noticed that it will be largely inspired by Mazda’s RX-Vision concept that made its official debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This concept shows some really unique and race-inspired design, especially in the front fascia where you can see its long nose with improved aerodynamics. The front end of the new RX-9 has already been compared to the MX-5 model which has been the sportiest Mazda until now. Therefore, these two will probably share the platform and numerous exterior features. When it comes to innovations, Mazda will use lightweight materials, such as aluminum, in its chassis construction in order to save some weight. That way, the new RX-9 will be significantly lighter and this will only improve its acceleration, efficiency and overall performance. This attractive sports coupe will also improve its suspension system, so you can expect better handling and stability, especially at high speeds.
2019 Mazda RX-9


The 2019 Mazda RX-9 will probably appear as a two-seater. The cabin is expected to combine some luxurious and elegant details with sporty ones. Mazda will use high-quality materials, such as leather, to cover the seats and furnish the cabin. The seats are expected to be comfortable, adjustable and supportive, especially at high speeds. The carmaker should also upgrade its technology, including the modern dashboard, instrument cluster and center console. You will find at least one touch-screen display inside the new RX-9. It will provide the latest infotainment and entertainment system with numerous next-generation options. You should not worry about the necessary safety systems and driver assist features either.


As we have already mentioned in the intro, the engine of the 2019 Mazda RX-9 has definitely been the most speculated and most innovative feature of this car. The RX-9 will be equipped with a 1.6-liter two-rotor engine with a single turbocharger. Such an engine is expected to deliver more than 400 horsepower, possibly up to 450. The engine will be significantly lighter since it will use aluminum instead of iron. It will also be mounted at a 180-degree angle and its exhaust ports will be placed at the top of it. We hope for more numbers and information soon.
2019 Mazda RX-9

2019 Mazda RX-9

Some rumors and hints have suggested that the 2019 Mazda RX-9 might make its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October before it goes on sale in late 2018 or early 2019. The estimated price of this model should start around $50,000, but it could go up to $90,000.

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