One of the most popular small trucks worldwide, Toyota Tacoma, came to the market several months ago. According to many experts Toyota has a monopoly in this field but we won’t go that far. However, it is true that the biggest market share in the class of small trucks is owned by Tacoma. Some people wonder how is that possible, considering this truck hasn’t been changed for 10 years. The last major update happened in 2005 and since then all successors have resembled each other. With 2018 model Toyota decided to perform some drastic modifications. All these upgrades lead to more powerful vehicle, enhanced fuel efficiency and cutting edge technology is used, as well. 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is the real high-flier. Perhaps, you won’t like some changes but we don’t doubt you will be astonished with its performance. Check out new 2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel.


It seems that everything was dedicated to reducing fuel consumption. Therefore new Toyota Tacoma Diesel came with aluminum body and less weight than before. That means they didn’t need to install heavy and powerful engine but 2.5l 4-cylinder and 2.7l 4-cylinder are enough. The first option comes with an output of 170 HP and the second one is slightly stronger. The 2.7l can produce 20 HP more, or 190 HP in total. Toyota Tacoma has never been considered as a powerful truck but company didn’t want to Tacoma to have such image. On the other hand, there is more powerful engine, 4.2l 4-cylinder. With this engine 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel can deliver 220 HP. This engine unit is the most powerful and the last one that completes the offer. Average fuel consumption is rated at 32 mpg, which is outstanding, especially because this is a truck and not a sedan or a convertible. Toyota always tries to manufacture fuel-efficient cars. Sometimes this Japanese automaker neglects power, but we can see that engine units of new Toyota Tacoma Diesel are quite decent.

Interior and Exterior

Probably the biggest change is in this field and in exterior in particular. New Tacoma has improved aerodynamics which contributes to fuel economy. In previous years they received many complaints about drag thus Toyota tried to reduce it as much as possible. Also, headlights were reshaped. When you compare them with its predecessors you will easily notice headlights were more rounded. Toyota increased color range, as well. With the latest technology ride will be more convenient than before. Lots of hands-free devices are used and it has iPod and USB connectivity, as well. Bluetooth connectivity is also available and new 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel comes with improved navigation system. Some other features are HD radio and six-speaker sound system. Toyota took extra mile in increasing comfort of the cabin. Seats are also convenient and there is a plenty of legroom for every passenger.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Price

Before the release price was expected to shoot the roof but those expectations didn’t come true. This mid-size truck costs approximately $30,000. When we take all trucks in this class into consideration we can definitely say that 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is worth its price and it is the best mid-size truck you can find on the market.

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