The new 2018 Ferrari California T is the first car after a long time (or better to say after the GT spirit model) which Ferrari calls us to try with. It’s normal to be curious about the features and performances which new model offers, but we are a little skeptical what to expect after all performances which are known from this manufacturer.


2018 Ferrari California T
Now, the 2018 Ferrari California T has a completely new design. At the front of it is much larger air intakes for the brakes and intercooler and with two air exhausts in the bonnet. As you look to the side of the car, you may be impressed with a sweeping line similar to 250 Testa Rossa and finally, on the rear end stands horizontally aligned exhaust which is the same as on the last model with vertically aligned exhaust. There is also a triple-fence diffuser as on the 599 GTO model and rear lights larger than before with significant and impressive appearance.


2018 Ferrari California T
The first impression for the cabin is it largeness and wideness, large enough for even tall and fat passengers. Fine leather on steering wheel and seats provides, aside the comfort, a feeling of luxury. Thanks to lower part of the center console there is a lot of space inside of the car and also, with specially designed center console there are a lot of space for legs and feeling of the comfortable inside of the car. You will gladden with all those buttons and ads, like climate controls, touchscreen with quick access buttons, digital radio, a navigation system, and more interesting details.


2018 Ferrari California T
The standard version is equipped with 3.9-liter Ferrari bi-turbo V8 engine for 560 horsepower which provides a very speed engine and additional power under the hood. With only 3.6 seconds needed for increasing the speed of 60 mph, this is one of the fastest cars in this class. That’s all provided thanks to good and unique Ferrari engine and with less weight of this car. There will obviously be more than one trim version and every of each will have their own features. Maybe the most interesting is a sporty variant with slightly faster but loudness than we expect, and with 7-speed automatic transmission we surely can expect the stable and fast car on the road.

2016 Ferrari California T Price

You know what the Ferrari is? So don’t be surprised with the price of $202,700 for this model, because it gives the best from this class.

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