For 2 years now, there are rumors that new 2016 Pontiac Trans Am is coming to the market. We wanted to go to the real info because there are pictures and commercials for some Trans Am. Therefore, we were searching through the net, and we saw that Top Speed actually confirms new 2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition, but is it really Pontiac? Stay and find out.

First we have to say that we are huge fans of Pontiac Trans am ourselves, and why we wouldn’t be? It is legendary car after all. After so many years, it is one of the best cars there is!

2016 Trans Am Bandit Side

2016 Trans Am Bandit Side

This said we know that GM is not making Pontiac any more, and it is dead. In 2010, GM had major financial problems and they choose to discontinue Pontiac… You all know the story.

However, from 2015 we remember first rumors about new Pontiac Trans Am. Few months past there were some commercials for it. Nevertheless, is it really Pontiac?
Actually no! There is new 2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition and you can order it now, but it is not made by Pontiac. We even found it on Top Speed here is link you can check it out:

One important thing the new 2016 Trans AM Bandit Edition will be Limited to only 77 units, so it will be a real collectible car.

2016 Trans Am Bandit front

2016 Trans Am Bandit front

Judging from the pictures and commercial with Burt Reynolds, it is looking nice, and we like it. If you want to check out the commercial here, you can see it: Burt Reynolds New “Bandit” Trans Am: Video. Now let us introduce what you can expect and what it actually is:


2016 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit headlights

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit headlights

The new 2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition exterior is based on Trans Am Depot’s 7T7 model, and fifth-generation Camaro. Now, you all going to comment this, but remember that Camaro is closest to Pontiac shape. This actually benefits new Trans Am Bandit, it has more rounded shapes, and most of original details are there. This new 2016 Edition employs a quad-headlamp configuration, but unlike the original Pontiac Trans am, which had square units, it employs round lamps.

Similarities are also obvious, the Bandit Edition looks like it is a worthy successor of the original “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Am. Therefore, it is just natural to be introduced by Burt Reynolds; we hope you remember him from the movie “Bandit” (1977). He played Bo Darville.


2016 Trans Am Bandit Edition Interior

2016 Trans Am Bandit Edition Interior

Now, here is different story form Trans Am Bandit exterior. It is all new and feature styling cues and gear that has taken back to the 1977 Trans Am. So is you are going to say it is just Camaro, you are wrong. Everything is custom, except chassis, everything is original, and it is really new 2016 Trans Am Bandit, not just Camaro.

Engine of 2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition

Now, this is subject that we are all interested the most. Under the hood of new Bandit, is 7.4-liter LSX V-8 engine, 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharger with 840 hp. This is all Trans Am Depot’s state-of-the-art engines. There are different packages, and “Bandit” gets the most powerful.

Performance of new Trans Am is not bad at all. It goes from 0 to 60 miles in less than three seconds! Moreover, its Top Speed is around 200 mph. You are now thinking that old Trans Am from 1977 had 6.6-liter V-8 engine. Yes, but he had 185 hp! Therefore, this is really improvement.


The price of this beauty is not comes cheap. However, when we take in consider that there will be produced only 77 units, than it is ok. The price will start $115,000, including the donor Chevrolet Camaro (according to Top Speed).

Share with us what you think about this beauty!

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